"It's not just his style. His molecular biology is also stuck in the 80s."

“She collected her samples from geographically isolated populations, processed them to a high degree of chemical purity, then dropped them under the freezer.”

“Mark my words, Brother Mendel! Someday students will learn of a simple monk who changed the world through his classic lemur breeding experiments!”

“The journal rejected our manuscript - but the editors suggested it might make a good tweet.”

“All I know is that her ligation reactions work every time.”

“My ‘Eureka!’ moment? It was frustrating and mostly fruitless and lasted three years.”

“I know I have big shoes to fill, but in the meantime can we get some smaller gloves?”

"The NIH emailed to say they'd like a little more justification on the $4K for chew toys in the materials budget."

"At home, I find wall quotes inspirational. At work, not at all."