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"They fly all this way just to say they ate in the Hamptons."

Contest Winner - Victor Chongchua, Honolulu, HI

"Nothing has sold yet, but we've gotten a few nibbles."

Caption Contest winner - Doug Finkelstein, Redando Beach, CA

"How's everybody doing tonight on a scale of zero to ten, with ten being the worst you've ever felt?"

(collaboration with Shannon Odell)

"When I eat out, I like to order something I would never make at home."

"We sent you a secure access code! Do not share this code with anyone! Your access code will expire in ten minutes!"

"No Frodo, we are still many leagues from Mordor. This is from a wildfire by I-5 west of Bakersfield."

"The humans would have really enjoyed this."

(published 2-22-2022)

"So working from home is no longer an option?"

(collaboration with Shannon Odell)

Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow  (Daily Cartoon, Oct. 4, 2023)